About Chris

Hello Blogosphere, my name is Chris Riley.

I have been alive for 22 years, and blogging since April 2012. I was born into obscurity in rural Kent and raised on a diet of jazz, cricket and rhubarb crumble. I added this page so you could get to know me a tad better, and because I’m a little bit bored.


  • Oxygen – Big fan of the big O, particularly in its more common O2 formation. Tried going without it for a few weeks, couldn’t manage it. It’s like caffeine.
  • Broken Biscuits – My Granddad always used to say that if you broke a biscuit in half all the calories fell out. It led to a crumb epidemic in our house for a while, but this gem of solid, applicable science is one to live your life by.
  • Swimming – I always loved swimming, but unfortunately I’m soluble in water. Shame really.
  • Paisley – I’m bringing Paisley back. Not Ian Paisley, that would be weird. The 70s were kind to tie design, and the flared trouser industry.


  • Nitrogen – Nitrogen is such a bighead. He’s all “look at me, I’m all around you” and it’s just really annoying. GO DO SOMETHING USEFUL, LIKE MAKE MY CAR GO FASTER
  • Les Miserables – Being miserable is probably one of my least favourite states of being, unless it’s accompanied by a soundtrack of Joni Mitchell and Sufjan Stevens. This musical doesn’t have that, and that makes me miserable.
  • American Football – If a player falls over they stop the game. What’s with that?
  • Stand-up comedians who end every sentence with “What’s with that?” – What’s with that?

66 thoughts on “About Chris

  1. Chris: Thanks for “liking” my post about Peas. I note that we both enjoy cheese, beer, and rhubarb crumble, which has inspired me to other topics for my relatively new blog. I look forward to checking out other posts of your’n, (as we used to say in the [American] South).

  2. Hello Chris, thank you for the recent visit to my blog and the Like! Glad to come across your random reviews and look forward to reading more (extra kudos for the mention of Chap Hop).

  3. Love your granddad’s theory. I use that one on cookies; but, as I’m such a big fan of biscuits, I think I’ll use it on those too now!

      • That’s awesome! As a kid, my mom had me convinced that she could make noodles turn different colors with her “magic” wooden spoon. Turns out, she was just buying the multi-colored variety at the grocery store. She had no other magic-skills that I was aware of, so I am unsure as to why this seemed so credible to me…Ah, children. 🙂

        Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. Hi Chris, I really like your blog! Pity you don’t like Les Mis as its up there as one of the best for me. But then I’m biased because the originial cast included our very own Colm Wilkinson :). On the biscuit front, you need to get yourself two mariettas, sandwich them wiht butter then squeeze that butter out and lick! That so does not sound right as I type, in fact quite embarrassing but believe me, it’s heaven! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Xx P

  5. Hey there, I like the design of your blog a lot! Thanks for liking a couple of my posts. Hopefully, I’ll figure this WordPress thing out better soon…

  6. Just wanted to say a very belated thank you for visiting my blog and liking the fresh peach pie. I hope you try it sometime and let me know what you think. I have lots of other recipes on my site if you’re interested in browsing through the archives.

  7. Thank you for liking my post. I too was born in Kent but a generation before you. I think your Grandad is a genius, because I broke biscuits in half in school ( I helped the tuck-shop ladies) not only because they halved the calories, but in my school they also halved the cost.

    Never a great Ian Paisley fan (family descending from Tipperary). Swimming and me are mutually exclusive. Are you a sure you are not a long lost relative?

  8. Thanks for liking my recent Turkish Tapas post, really appreciate it. Living in Norwich now but spent the last 38 years not too far away from you in sunny Medway. Take care, Mick

  9. Hey there! I’ve only read a little bit on your blog, but I like it. It’s fun. I also love cheeses and rhubarb crumble. I wish I could like beer, but I really haven’t found any here in the U.S. that aren’t nasty. Obviously, millions disagree, but my first taste was in Germany, and it’s far different from our stuff here. I’m looking forward to cruising through some more of your posts. 🙂
    Thanks for the Like on my Confessions post.

    • Thanks very much! Beer in the US is a funny one – on my travels in the States I found so many wonderful small breweries and microbrewery/restaurants that do amazing things, but practically none of it finds it’s way into chain stores, and very little is exported internationally unless you know where to look. That’s why we have an over-abundance of crap like Budweiser and Coors!

      Thanks for visiting, come back soon!

  10. Hey, I was just revisiting my earlier restaurant write ups and noticed your like on my post on ‘Fava’. Thank you for that.
    Three things we share in common, the same theme :), love of food and cricket. 🙂 I’m in London for a year now so I’ve some new reviews popping up so if you would like to check them out, please visit http://couchcibo.wordpress.com/. Cheers!

  11. Hi Chris, thank you for liking my Spatzle post. I LOVE, Love, love! your About Chris. It’s the best Bio I have ever read. Short, Sweet and Hilarious! It’s going to make me smile all day. Maybe all week or more. I will be visiting often.

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