My First Venison

Veni(son), Vidi, Vici

Veni(son), Vidi, Vici

Cooking for one is difficult. It’s almost impossible to get individual portions, particularly meat, without going to the butchers. As I’m always at work when butchers are open, that leaves the supermarket. Luckily, Marks & Spencer’s (who have just opened up a massive Simply Food about 10 minutes away from me) have started to sell steaks and chops for one, with a sauce attached. They don’t just have beef steak, they have venison (obviously), lamb and pork, too. I chose venison because I’ve never cooked it before, and thought that this would be the easiest way to try. I followed the instructions to the letter and… it was OK. Considering the price (about £5, which I think is pretty reasonable) you get a big hunk of meat, and these little condensed stock thingies to make a red wine jus. Add in a packet of their “Lonely Hearts” vegetables for one (branding idea) and you have a fairly healthy meal which, unlike most of my own concoctions, isn’t fried in copious amounts of vegetable oil or covered in cheese. The venison is a little tough, but I’ll probably put that down to my cooking skills. I have a lamb meal from M&S to try, which has been prepared in the same way, so hopefully this will be a way for me to have a healthy balance of meat and veg in the future.


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