The World’s Best Pizza

That, right there, is a claim and a half. World’s best pizza. This is obviously entirely subjective, and at the time was partially wine and adrenaline fuelled, but it’s got to be in with a shout. In Albuquerque, NM, there’s a great pizza and wine bar called Farina’s. Even on a Sunday night it was packed to it’s tiny rafters, and you can see why.

It's a contender

It’s a contender

Look at that dough – so fluffy and magnificent. It was perfectly light, and topped with a white base (not tomato-based), goat’s cheese, balsamic caramelised onions and I think there’s some ham there, too. It was stunning. This was my friend Jack’s pizza – I went for a special on the day, which was a tomato base pizza with I think three different types of cheese and Portuguese sausage. A world full of yes. The wine selection was similarly spectacular, and we went for a white wine from the Villa Antinori in Italy (it had to be Italian to go with pizza, honest). They also had a Rose wine from the same Villa which we tasted; in fact, it was the only Rose wine in the entire restaurant – apparently Americans don’t really go in for it, maybe due to the lasting belief that it’s just white wine mixed with red. I don’t know, but they’re missing out on a whole world of tasty wine.

The staff at Farina’s were rushed off their feet, but still made us feel very welcome. Sitting up at the bar we made some friends, and surprised our hosts slightly by being the first patrons to launch into a discussion on the Franco-Prussian war, at least from a comedic point of view. I don’t remember how that came about, but wine was certainly involved. I cannot recommend Farina’s highly enough. If you get there in time for the sunset, and sit up at the bar, you get a view across the city and the mountains behind, which is just magical. Worth every penny.


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