Di Paolo, Gerrards Cross

Di Paolo, Gerrards Cross (photo taken from website)

Di Paolo, Gerrards Cross (photo taken from website)

Normally I only like to share with you places that I’ve been where I’m able to take my own photos of the food. However, I went to Di Paolo in Gerrards Cross (Bucks) for a big work meal with people far above my station who could decide my future, so I thought a bout of instagramming would probably be frowned upon. With that in mind, I’ve included photos from their website, but believe me when I type that the food looked equally scrumptious in real life.

Photo from di Paolo's website

Photo from di Paolo’s website

This is what I like to call “proper Italian” food. No pizza, high quality hand made pasta, and stylish, modern takes on classics. I had a de-constructed insalata con mozzarella di buffala, with the garnished leaves on one side of the plate, topped with parmesan shavings, and three small balls of mozzarella each topped with a sundried tomato on the other. Absolutely delicious. The main was even better; petto di pollo farcito con pinoli. Corn-fed chicken stuffed with a pine nut stuffing, wrapped in pancetta and roasted, served with cranberries marinated in port and garlic and rosemary sautéed potatoes. Just the memory is causing me to salivate. Mmm.

Brits in the western M25 area, there’s no excuse not to go to Di Paolo’s. Take a look at the whole menu here and tell me it’s not making you hungry. Worth every penny, and the service is wonderful.



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