Beercause You’re Worth It

That most beautiful of Rainbows

That most beautiful of Rainbows

In the US of A there’s a great chain of microbreweries called Gordon Biersch, set up in the not-too-distant past by two people called Gordon and Biersch (funny that). We had a couple of hours to kill in New Orleans before going on a historical steamboat tour to the Chalmette battlefield, having spent the morning in the New Orleans Aquarium (well worth a visit, partially for the fish and penguins, but mostly so you can see how people lived in the 1980s), so we went to the sort-of-Casino district (more like a couple of blocks) and went to the first place we could see. Gordon Biersch produce some stunning beers, and the food was rather wonderful as well. Above you can see the sampler (only $6 to try them all!), which suited me perfectly as I wanted to try as much as possible, and we didn’t have that much time. The beer on the far left is the seasonal special (I think it was an English IPA), and from left to right the rest are:

  • Schwarzbier
  • Maerzen
  • Czech Pilsner
  • Golden Export
  • Hefeweizen

I enjoyed all of them, but particularly the Maerzen. The burger I had also came with Maerzen-infused BBQ sauce. Mmm.

Maerzen BBQ burger under sunny November skies

Maerzen BBQ burger under sunny November skies

My friend Jack also went down the burger route, and went for the Golden Export, which is a refreshing lager.

Jack and his burger

Jack and his burger

The beers and burgers were great, but the dessert… Oh my word. Get in me now, dessert, or forever hold your peace.

The Dessert

The Dessert

We were so lucky to have found this place on our first day in town. I don’t know what other Gordon Biersch branches are like, but the one in NOLA is superb, and very friendly. Get a seat outside and watch the football with the rest of the city, that’s what we did.


2 thoughts on “Beercause You’re Worth It

  1. That’s a cool place! I hit both GB and the aquarium the last time I was in New Orleans. Next time you should check out the Insectarium, it’s almost right across the street from there.
    New Orleans is one of the best places in the US for both food and drink, deservedly famous for both.

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