The American Sector

Ooh, it’s been a long time since I posted a picture of restaurant food. Back in November I travelled across much of the south of America and ate some amazing meals, but for some reason I never highlighted them on this blog. Well, now that’s going to change. We didn’t take photos of everything we ate, because it’s sort of frowned on in public I think, particularly if you use instagram, but some meals were so visually or culinarily epic that we just had to. (Culinarily is a new word, you can use it if you like)(I don’t mind)(It’s not copyright)(I mean, I’d like it to be referenced to me if it ever gets onto, but whatever)(No biggie).

The American, at The American Sector, in America.

The American, at The American Sector, in America.

In New Orleans (the first stop on our tour) we spent half a day at the National WWII Museum. The Museum itself is fascinating, with plenty of exhibits covering the American contribution to two theatres of war (it sort of skims over the rest). The interesting bit is seeing another perspective on the war. There is not a single mention of the ANZACs in the entire museum, nor of Burma/Singapore. But that’s by the by; we’re here to talk about food.

What you see above is The American, which we both had at the American Sector restaurant, which is part of the museum complex. The menu is designed by chef John Besh, who was a string of top-quality restaurants to his name, and is a native of Louisiana. Each of the main burgers is styled on a different war, or theatre of war (American, Mexican, Korean, North African, Frenchie etc.), and each looked amazing, but only the American came with bacon and onion rings. Look upon my onion rings, ye mighty, and drool! Wonderful thin fries, too. We sat up at the bar (which we always did in the States, when there was a bar to sit up at) and enjoyed watching the world go by drinking the only alcoholic (or hard, in American terminology) cider we found on our trip, Angry Orchard. Now, if you want a cider that lives up to the name, Angry Orchard is one to go for!

Anyway, if you’re in New Orleans, pack in some history with a great meal thrown in at the National WWII Museum. Burgers are delicious, drinks selection is heavenly, and the staff are delightful.


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