Savour the Savoury Pancakes


It’s pretty much obligatory around Shrove Tuesday to post a picture of a pancake. I won’t lay claim to having any particular knowledge of an amazing recipe, but the basic plain flour, eggs, milk and salt worked perfectly for us. Between my housemate Will and myself we got through two lots of batter, and I must have eaten a good 7 or 8 savoury pancakes. I don’t think I ate a single sweet one, thinking about it. There’s just something about melted cheese in a pancake… Mmmm

Ooh, and obligatory mid-flip pic as well:


And a wee boogie



One thought on “Savour the Savoury Pancakes

  1. I think that must now be called the official pancake boogie. Hang on: make that Official Pancake Boogie. Required on all pancake occasions. And I am in complete agreement on the savoury pancake. I was introduced in Canada to the concept of pancakes with bacon, eggs and maple syrup. I believe it’s a lumberjack thing. I just know it is delicious. If you have never tried it, you must. I know, it sounds bizarre, but what you have to understand is that real maple syrup doesn’t taste like either golden syrup or honey. It’s it’s own special thing and it’s brilliant with bacon.

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