My Big New Project du Fromage

Hello everyone, and sorry for the recent radio silence. It’s slightly been enforced due to this being busy season at work, but that’s no excuse.

Truth is I haven’t been cooking as much, partially because I’ve been getting home late and partially because OUR FRIDGE HAS BEEN BROKEN FOR 10 WEEKS AND HOTPOINT REPAIR ARE TRULY TERRIBLE. Had to get that off my chest. I mean, who insists on six visits to repair a fridge freezer? Domestic & General Insurance, of course. Awful, awful customer service.

Anyway, I have decided to start a new project du Fromage (my French is rusty), which was suggested to me by my good friend and fellow blogger Imelda Evans (@imelda_evans). Each week I will be blogging about a new cheese, starting just as soon as I get my next paycheck. With trips I have planned this year to France and America hopefully I’ll be able to expand my cheesey horizons, get back into writing regularly, and, as ever, indulge my love of the finest dairy product in the universe. I will also spend more time scouring WordPress for cheese articles, reblogging them from time to time, and I invite anyone who wants to join me on this experience to do it as well! As there are roughly 50 weeks left in the year (very rough estimate) I’m going to be following Imelda’s suggestion for a title – 50 Shades of Cheese. 

So here’s to good food (undoubtedly accompanied by fine wine) and high cholesterol. Happy New Year (just roll with me on this one)!


11 thoughts on “My Big New Project du Fromage

  1. Ah, mon petit chou, ma baguette, my little cob loaf, it is a wonderful idea! I may even join you! What better impetus to blog than the wonders of cheese? I shall await developments with greed! Bon chance et bon apetit!

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