Ten Points to The Griffin(dor)!

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting up with one of my best friends, Mike, in The Griffin, Caversham (north Reading). Mike and I go back over half our lives (scary thought), having known each other since we were in the same form at school. By a marvellous coincidence we ended up at Reading University together studying the same subject, and we both have stayed in the area. Amazing how these things work out, eh?

Anyway, The Griffin is a Chef & Brewer pub which has managed to retain its individuality by serving plenty of real ale and quality food. I went for the Venison pie (above) which was, honestly, the most perfect pie I have ever eaten. The sauce was so rich I felt decadent even looking at it; the venison itself was so tender it was like sinking my teeth into marshmallow, only more enjoyable and meat flavoured. I savoured every bite, including the crispy pie casing which was a picture perfect hand-crimped specimen before I got to it.

Mike went for the venison burger, which came with a fried egg on top:

From what I could gather between his frankly disturbing groans of pleasure, his venison was equally as tender as mine, and the onion rings were fried to crunch perfection.

After a superb main course like that it was hard not to think about how delectable the puddings would be, so we both finished off with a belt-busting chocolate torte:

So rich, so chocolatey, so gooey and moist. Mmmmm…
If you’re looking for a superb pub not too far from the centre of town, The Griffin in Caversham should be top of your list!


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