One Great Big Pile of Food After Another


Warning: This post contains lots of different styles of food that have no business being put on the same plate as each other.

Ah, food… Recently it was the birthday of two of my friends, Kevin and Louise, and they held a joint bash at Cosmo restaurant, which has recently opened in Reading. I think it’s a chain, and basically it’s the biggest buffet you’ve ever seen. It’s nominally a pan-Asian restaurant, but, as you’ll be able to tell from the photos below, they really cook everything. I had pizza, roast gammon, enchilladas, prawn crackers, pasta, curry… I just piled everything on top. The plate above is my friend Will’s dessert. He had most of the cakes, topped off with haribo and marshmallows and chocolate fountain sauce. Mmmmm…

Enjoyable, and all for only £15!


3 thoughts on “One Great Big Pile of Food After Another

  1. I went to Cosmos in Romford once and was disappointed to find that their chocolate cake came from the Aldi store next to it. I know this because that is the cake my mum always buys for my birthday…

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