Wild Boar Burger @ GBK Bluewater


Burgers, burgers everywhere! Following on from Friday’s magnificent challenge burger, I went to GBK (Gourmet Burger Kitchen) in Bluewater on Monday. GBK do pretty great burgers, and the price isn’t extortionate. Two burgers, two sides and two drinks for under £15 per person isn’t bad!

I had the Wild Boar burger, which was sublime. It was so tender and juicy, it was like a giant sausage! Really great bread too. We shared some onion rings and rosemary fries too. The rings were great, but the fries… They just chucked some rosemary on top and charged us an extra quid.

My sister Harriet had a veggie burger, which was stuffed to the brim with veg! She also had a lime milkshake which, to be honest, sounded revolting but tasted spectacular. Well worth it! More pictures below!


Below is a strawberry and elderflower cordial.


6 thoughts on “Wild Boar Burger @ GBK Bluewater

  1. On my to do list is Eat my way Through the GBK menu. Haven’t reached the wild boar yet-might. Have to move up slightly higher after that review….

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