Picnic in the Park!


Jess, Faisal, Vicki and James. Yes that is a branded rug.

I work in the best team. Seriously, we have fun. Shame I’m leaving on Friday (I’m only temping). We’ve been talking for ages about having a mega picnic of some of our favourite kids foods, and that morphed in to the food fest you see above. My boss Faisal (back left) ended up bankrolling a lot of it, but he’s the one with the major food obsession, which I guess after Ramadan is understandable.

So, what did we have? Cocktail sausages, savoury bites, sausage rolls, doritos. Port Salut and crackers… The best food was cooked by Jess (on the left). She made these incredible cheese, spinach and onion muffins which were to DIE for. There are still a couple left and they’re just staring at me across the table. It’s like they want to be eaten.

We bought loads of sweet stuff too, like country slices, chocolate fingers and party rings, but we didn’t need to eat them as Jess also made Rocky Road. Oh my goodness. What a treat. The picture of her food, and another group pic but with me on the right, can be seen below.


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