Food Network on Fire!

School of Wok

Jasmine Tea-infused Chicken on a roti

Hi friends, it’s salivating time. I’m going to be chucking all this deliciousness in one post, so you can understand how supremely magnificent my weekend was! On Friday I went with my colleague Jess to Food Network on Fire in Covent Garden, a live event hosted by Food Network UK, with demonstrations by some of my favourite presenters, including Jun Tanaka (below) and Andy Bates. There was also a market of cooked food from some of the hottest places in town; some were cooking there and then, some were selling a finished product like vodka or cheese. Above is the Jasmine Tea-infused Chicken from School of Wok which Jess had. Verdict: sensational.

Jun Tanaka

Jun Tanaka doing his thing

I love the Food Network, it’s one of my most tagged phrases on this blog, so it was incredible being there. I had the pulled pork (pork so tender they just pull it off the bone) with stuffing and apple sauce. Again, incredible:

So, I mentioned that they were selling other products:

There were two stalls selling cheese, too. Now, the Roquefort at the front is one my parents bought me from France, but the three at the back all come from the Cheshire Cheese Company, which must have the most wonderfully eclectic range I have ever seen. The cheese in the middle below is a Sticky Toffee Cheese. No lie. Sticky Toffee.


My sister held a BBQ on Saturday, with some guests staying over to Sunday morning when my Dad did an incredible breakfast. The pictures don’t exactly do it justice, but what we have here is a mega-display of French pastries and one heck of an open fry-up sandwich, including bacon, sausages, hash browns, mushrooms and tomatoes. I’ll post properly about the other food later, but I just really wanted to show you these:


5 thoughts on “Food Network on Fire!

  1. Riley, i must say i love what you’ve done with your layout! lol. Food Network UK looks absolutely yum-tastic, wish I was there for tea-infused chicken. Thanks for the visit to cityparadise, just a budding blogger which is exciting but also intimidating, love me all the support i can get! Can’t wait for your next post!

  2. that chicken and roti looks to die for!!! gutted I couldn’t make that event – looks amazing. Am heading to the Notts Hill Carinval this weekend though to sample some street food (preppring belly for it now!)

  3. hahahaha on first glance I thought the chicken on the roti in the first picture was a peppermint pancake and I got all excited. that sauce is deceiving…. haha It looks delicious though! 🙂

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