French Pizza News, Now!

Sloppy Pizza

Just a quick one today. On Monday my parents went to France to stock up on the essentials (wine, cheese, chocolate). We’re so close to the Eurotunnel that we can be in France 2 hours after leaving home. It’s fantastic! One of the best things about these regular trips is that French supermarkets make the best fresh supermarket pizzas. The one above was stuffed full of cheese, topped with mushrooms and ham, and there was another one with a tomato-base too, just visible in the background. They are the most well-filled, sloppy pizzas ever, and go really well with a bottle of rose bought that morning!


9 thoughts on “French Pizza News, Now!

    • Haha, thanks Alanna. We forget how lucky we are, I think. It’s just a normal thing for us! Still, it’s always best when we make an occasion out of it, and visiting for a shop before Christmas is always the best – they do it so classily over there!

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