Back for more Local Deliciousness

Chocolate Cupcake, Ginger Beer

I don’t think there’s a better combination if you possess a sweet tooth. We went back to Frankie’s Farmshop on Sunday (a place we visited the Sunday before), and decided to walk as the weather was stunning. It’s just under two miles from our house, so it’s a nice solid amble, and the ginger beer at the end is an added bonus. I’m going to have to find somewhere that supplies these “Lovely” brand drinks when I’m in Reading!

If you’ve been reading this blog for a long time (and I’m going back really far now) then you’ll know I love cupcakes, and TV shows about cupcakes. If I see a delicious-looking cupcake on offer (and if I can actually afford it), then it shall be mine! Look at that one above; it’s so messily gorgeous. The frosting was so chocolatey and delicious, and the cake itself was moist, yet firm. Yes, I know this review is hardly worthy of Florian “Has-To-Be-Subtitled-On-American-Television” Bellanger, but basically what I’m saying is that I loved this cupcake. This  review is more worthy of a guest judge on Cupcake Wars. I’m going to stop referencing Cupcake Wars now.

The great thing about Frankie’s Farmshop is that there’s plenty to see. For the kids there are a few activities, and , more interestingly, chickens and goats. Some of the chickens just roam free, like the little fella we found under our chairs while we were eating outside (picture below), which adds to the fun. We also bought some vegetables from, though sadly didn’t visit the cheese counter. Next time, I promise! I did buy one of their huge sausage rolls though, for my lunch at work. They make their sausage rolls, scotch eggs and sausages from the same sausage meat, which they also make themselves. It’s a fantastic place, I’m so glad it’s here!

When the website is more filled out I’ll link to it, but at the moment there’s just an “Under Construction” sign. Instead, here’s a picture of a chicken:


11 thoughts on “Back for more Local Deliciousness

  1. This is one of my favorite combinations too! I adore cupcakes! I even waited in-line for Cake Boss cupcakes and Sprinkles.

    • Wow, two places I would love to go, particularly the original Sprinkles. I watch Candace Nelson all the time on Cupcake Wars so I can’t wait to try her cakes out for myself. That’s probably the most manly sentence I have ever typed.

  2. I’ve never had ginger beer WITH a chocolate cupcake…but it sounds like perfection. And now I want to go home and make chocolate cupcakes with ginger IN them. Gross or good? The theory must be tested.

    Oh, and socializing chickens? Awesome.

  3. I just had to drop you a line having read your blog to say a huge thank you from the team at Frankie’s Farmshop! We are stunned and grateful that you like what we are doing! Please keep writing and we will try to carry on surprising you with great food. We are hoping to stock two great new products that I found at the Olympia Fine Food Fair in London. Smoke & Pickle from Shropshire make a range of potted fish and cheese, Smoked Mackerel, shrimp, crabmeat and salmon. Also they make a to die for potted cheese of Roquefort, walnut and pear. Award winning vegetarian curry, bolognese, chilli con carne, and three or four soups complete a really great Autumn range. Lick the Spoon needs no introduction really, they make the most divine salted caramels and other chocolate products and I have to introduce Staplehurst to them! Thank you once again for your kind custom, we hope you will keep coming. Lastly LOVELY drinks was a product I fell in love with. It is a small company producing small quantities of a beautiful drink. I can ask them if they can tell me where their nearest stockist is near Reading and does that mean you are leaving us??? Best wishes, Frankie

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