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Frankie’s Farmshop

Boy, are we lucky to live where we live. Not just Britain as a whole, but in my village in particular. About a month ago a new farm shop opened called Frankie’s, and it has the whole of Staplehurst absolutely buzzing. We have other farm shops with coffee shops attached, true, but none quite like this; where you can see the scotch eggs, sausage rolls and breakfast pastries being made by a team of four chefs right there behind the cheese counter. I don’t have many pictures of inside the place, as I thought it would be a bit weird lining up my iPhone in front of a nice display of leeks and onions, but suffice it to say it is a superb shop. As much of the produce as possible is local and organic. The bread is made on site, the milk comes from Ashford (only about 15 miles away), and a lot of the cheeses, hams and vegetables are from Kent (our county, for those of you not from these shores).

What follows is a selection of the greatest food that we have seen sold in these parts, and the lunch that we made of it!

This chocolate brownie isn’t your usual brownie. Made with plenty of walnuts, it’s soft and sticky, more like a brownie-tiffin hybrid, which is better than either of those things. Even better, it comes garnished with local redcurrants and strawberries!

Ah, the cheese counter. At least one Kentish Blue, and some of the Winterdale cheese I wrote about way back in my first review. It’s great that we no longer have to travel far afield to buy quality cheeses. There was also another fridge counter with European cheeses and cooked meats.

Back at our house we put together a (indoor) picnic using food mostly bought from Frankie’s. Above is the sausage roll, made from the same sausagemeat they use in their Scotch Eggs and their sausages. The ham is from a Kentish joint, medium cut and it just fell off the bone. The leaf part of the salad is also Kentish, though we already had the tomato and cucumber. What you see in the next two pictures is the main reason I’ll be going back (after the cheese). Homemade Scotch Eggs.


And gloriously halved:

P.S. the bread is also from there. What a place. The Scotch Eggs were crunchy on the outside, and fell apart on the inside. The sausagemeat is lightly peppered and herbed, and the eggs cooked to perfection. They were still warm from when we had bought them almost two hours earlier! Absolutely stunning, and well worth a visit!

A really cool edit:

Hey everyone, thought it would be best if I posted where it actually is! There’s no website as such, but I place it roughly here on Google Maps:


16 thoughts on “Local Food, Local Shop, Local Goodness

  1. I must look up on the map where this is because we may be in Kent later on in August! It looks wonderful… that lovely thick ham, the scotch eggs all golden and yummy… the cheese counter… Definitely worth a visit (and my best friend is called Frankie too!)

      • I will have at least one vacation somewhere up that way but not until 2013-2015.. I’ll have to bookmark it. I’ll google how far out of London it is.

      • Nice.. well I’ll keep that in check. I think I’ll have a few weeks to travel and last couple times I spent time in London then flew to Dublin.. I would like to see a little more of one area.. it’s tough to say though as I will probably also want to check out local countries in my new work area.. ahhhh so many places so little time.

    • Hi! I found it via your post on Creperie La Triskel, via the reader. Mouthwatering descriptions, and a place I must add to my itinerary if/when I visit Australia! The scotch eggs were superb – I just found a recipe for making my own, so when I do you can be sure I’ll be posting about it!

      • Cool! I’ll look out for the post. Australia is a great place to visit with Melbourne and Sydney the best places for food. I find it quite fascinating that people from diverse backgrounds like yours and mine are really interested in food and blogging about it. Looking forward to more of your posts and great photos!

      • It’s fantastic, isn’t it? I’ve discovered so much food since I started blogging, and spoken to some really interesting people. One of my friend’s has just been granted a four-year VISA to stay in Australia, so I might just have to plan a trip over one winter (our winter, I want to stay nice and warm when I’m on holiday!)

  2. What a fabulous looking store! I have heard a lot of jokes about how awful English food is, but obviously they were lies. All lies! My husband keeps promising me that we will visit the UK on day (he spent time there 30 years ago, while he was in the US Airforce, and loved it). I can see that I need to add this to our itinerary!

    • Thanks Karen! We’re so lucky to have it. As to English food being awful… I think when it comes down to proper top class cuisine we can’t really be beaten – all the best chefs are in Britain now, and we’ve finally started to cotton on to the farmshop/community food movement. Also, we don’t have twinkies, so that can only work in our favour!

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