Don’t Worry, Beer Happy

Image from cocktails @ location

Happy Friday everyone. For a lot of people this Friday is payday too, so what better way to celebrate than with a nice, tall beer (cool or warm is your preference, but I tend to follow the rule of lager=cool, ale=warm). Last week I wrote a post about all the food that had made my mental tastebuds tingle (I Am A Serial Like-er), and this week I thought I would shine a light on some beer that has been making me thirsty!

Some of these posts are ones I found through the Reader (an amazing tool to discover new people and new ideas. I am an addict), some I have seen post before. I won’t steal any more pics, but I would definitely suggest clicking through and taking a look yourself!

Emerald City Whiskey Lager – by Cocktails @ Location (who I nicked the picture from):

Baltika 4 – by The Oz Beer Baron (who is on an epic 1001 beer quest!):

Revisiting Moose Golden Ale – by J.R. Moose Home Brewing (plenty of quality beer!):

Two Brothers Cane & Ebel – by Original Gravity (another beer review site with wonderful mouthwatering pics):

Stonecutter Scotch Ale – by Alcohol and Aphorisms (whiskey and beer discussion – what could be better?):

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