A Big Blogging Milestone


My favourite picture from the last 4 months

Hello everyone! And a very big, very happy hello to you all. Today I passed 5000 views of Rileys Random Review. I’m amazed. I started this on my birthday, just before April, and I never imagined the shape that this blog would take:

  • 2 people have nominated me for awards
  • 115 posts
  • More than 400 people found my blog by searching for Calamity Jane
  • I have written more posts about cheese than anything else
  • I even have a cheese equivalent of a soul mate (Hey Imelda!)
  • I have posted about several toasted sandwiches, all in the name of furthering humanity
  • I really like alternative movie posters, apparently

So, really, this is a thank you. The encouragement that I have received, particularly from fellow food bloggers, has been amazing. I cannot wait to write more, read more, see more and eat more.




4 thoughts on “A Big Blogging Milestone

  1. Congratulations! I enjoy reading your posts and seeing your pictures… and I often wish I lived in England so that I could partake in these mouthwatering feasts as well! Thank you for the time you put into these blogs… and keep the blogs coming!

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