The Most Beautiful Sight In The World

England v South Africa

I never thought I would see the day! After such a miserable summer so far, the high pressure has moved in creating the perfect cricket weather. Blue skies, a green pitch, and sitting metres away from the bar! The cricket wasn’t great (an innings loss! How awful!), but I was at The Oval for a friend’s birthday, so we all made a jolly time of it. There were 30 of us altogether, and everyone had brought a contribution to the picnic. Despite Henry (the organiser/birthday boy) ‘s best efforts to get the balance right, there was a surplus of cocktail sausages. Great stuff though, I even had my first yellow raspberry! We nicknamed them Yespberries.

I provided my patented cheese and red pepper pesto twists, which, when I next make them, I’ll write up. I forgot to take a picture, so for now you will have to make do with the thought of melty cheese in puff pastry. Mmmm…

So, wonderful occasion, perfect view! Thought you might like a picture of what’s been keeping me away from the Blogosphere!




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