I am a serial “Like”-er

I’ve been writing this blog for about 3 and a half months now, and the WordPress community is the best. The feedback I’ve had from fellow bloggers, particularly for my posts about food, has been a real confidence boost, and its comforting to see so many people having so many nice things to say about each other’s work, regardless of their background or style.

Going with that, I’m addicted to the “Reader”. I’ve bookmarked Food as my homepage, and nothing makes me hungrier than looking at all the pictures, recipes, and food adventures that everyone has been having. It seems appropriate, then, as I haven’t written a post in a while, to point you in the direction of some posts that really grabbed my eye and made me salivate. I’m doing this without the backing of an award, or anything like that, I just really loved these posts, and I hope you do too!

P.S. I’ve included a picture from one of them, purely because it made me eyegasm.

Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels – by Cigars and Cupcakes (who I’ve nicked the picture from):


Squash, Fennel and Potato Bake – by Health Without Sacrifice:


I Dream of Tomatoes – by MaddieLite:


Pork Chimichangas – by KimAndrew:


and from my cheese buddy, a beautiful location to end your day:

Historic Portsea on Parade – by Imelda Evans, of Wine, Women & Wordplay:



22 thoughts on “I am a serial “Like”-er

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  2. Yes, I am digging the stats as well, a lot better than livejournal (yes old school) where you were not sure if anyone was reading if there was no comments on your posts!

    • I do find myself checking the stats every few minutes after posting, just to see if anyone has looked! Also I love seeing where people are viewing from. Mostly UK/US, but a few from Brunei, Taipei, Nepal… It’s all so interesting!

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