Comfort Viewing: Over!

I’m now up and about! It only hurts to breathe deeply, so that’s my clarinet playing out for a while, but other than that I’m pretty much fine. This means no more comfort viewing (sad face), particularly as I have some temp work starting from Tuesday next week. Yay for my bank balance, boo for the fact that I’d just started season 6 of Buffy… Oh well, as a sign of thanks for indulging me with the comfort viewing posts last week, here’s a picture of Elvis Bacon. That happened. Also, tonight I’ll be making a new frittata – I’m going to try pan fried potatoes (home-grown!), lardons and rosemary. Hopefully a big success.

Heads up for next week, too: I’ll be celebrating my favourite new music, including artists like Krista Green, Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer, Tom Attah and Cosmo Jarvis. All have had, are about to have, or have just re-released albums or EPs, so there’s plenty to share and love!


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