Oh, Hey Asparagus. I’ve missed you.


So, asparagus and I have a tricky relationship. We don’t get together often enough for us to define it as “seeing each other”, but when we do sometimes sparks fly. This was not one of those times.

Not that the food was bad, there just wasn’t enough asparagus to be able to call it a Ham and Asparagus Quiche. Plenty of chunky, salty ham; that was great, and more than enough salad with a rather nice dressing… Just a shame about the amount of asparagus. I was eating with my old Geography teacher at Eden sandwich shop and deli in Bank Street, Maidstone. It’s a really welcoming place, nice and cool on a hot day like today, and instead of table numbers you get wooden spoons with a flag painted on. We had Canada, hardly appropriate for the Fourth of July, but oh well.

It’s a lovely place. We stayed there til we got kicked out (they close at 4), had plenty of strong coffee, too. It’s the kind of establishment where the walls are covered in posters for charity gigs and comic book shops, a real find. If you’re in Maidstone, head there.


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