Italian Cafe, Reading-style


There’s a big shopping centre in Reading called The Oracle, one of these huge late-90s Meccas for retail therapy enthusiasts, based along the Kennet & Avon canal. Lots of restaurants and bars, and one of the biggest, in terms of size if not reputation, is Ponti’s, an Italian deli/café. Light lunches are the order of the day here, at a very reasonable price.

Above is the Caesar Salad Ciabatta, which as you can imagine is chargrilled chicken with a Caesar salad dressing. Very nice, but not a huge amount to write home about. Below should be my friend Will’s Meatball Panini, plus un-requested nachos on the side. Apparently the meatballs were great, and the marinara sauce, but there was far too much rocket to make it enjoyable. More than half the panini was rocket, and rocket is only ok in sparse quantities. Oh well. Price was fantastic, service quick, food hot… A very good alternative to Maccy D’s.



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