And… Beautiful French Tarts

Patisserie Valerie – where the bows are as pretty as the cakes

So, following on from our trip to Nino’s Italian restaurant in Reading, we decided that rather than go for one of the desserts on the menu, we would instead get cakes from a new Viennoiserie on the high street that had caught our eye. Yes, technically it’s a chain, but they’re so good. I had only ever seen them in London before, and the cakes are SO good. I should probably stop calling them cakes. Pastries is probably the technical term. Maybe tarts. Or crust-enveloped parcels of heaven. Not sure, may have to check that. Anyway, on to the cakes! I won’t talk about them, just tell you what they are and let you drool.

First up, my sister had the Tarte Citron…

My Mum opted for the Tarte aux Pomme, which is in the bottom right of the box…

And, in more detail, my Pecan and Walnut Tart (no “e” on the end of that one, probably too English). My Dad had a Custard Mille Foilles, but by the time we got it home (a two hour drive) it sort of flopped on to the plate. Still delicious, but no one wants to see a custard flop, this is a family site.

I would just like to add that this tart was superb, and I can’t wait ’til it’s Christmas again so I can eat roasted walnuts and pecans while walking around the Christmas markets with a cup of mulled wine in my hand. Yep, looking that far ahead already!

The website for Patisserie Valerie is here, and there are about 50 cafes across the UK, particularly in London.


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