And… Musical Monday Is Back With A Nautical Bang!

“On Waves of Song, Laughter and Romance!”

Musical Monday is back, and today we’re sailing in to Hollywood with Frank and Gene in Anchors Aweigh from 1945, four years before the groundbreaking On The Town where they were also sailors on leave. This time the Navy has given these war heroes four days leave, rather than the restrictive 24 hours of the Bernstein-scored On The Town, and they make use of it by falling in love with Kathryn Grayson, and to be honest, who hasn’t fallen in love with Kathryn Grayson? Grayson is the lead in Kiss Me Kate, which I featured on the first ever Musical Monday. They try and fail to help Grayson, an aspiring opera singer, meet the great Jose Iturbi, conductor extraordinaire. The film is funny, if a tad predictable, and mostly famous for its extraordinary dance sequence between Gene Kelly and Jerry Mouse.

Kelly is the smooth-talking ladies man, with no problems whatsoever in getting a gal, while Sinatra is the shy, sweet one; almost exact copies of the characters they played in On The Town. Not that it matters though, the general public wanted big comedy musicals about the brave and the bold and that’s what they got, with added opera and cartoon wizardry.

Now, it’s quite hard finding embeddable videos of Anchors Aweigh on youtube, but here are some of the best songs, including that famous dance sequence! Hope you enjoy!


2 thoughts on “And… Musical Monday Is Back With A Nautical Bang!

  1. This is a great movie, with a ludicrously complicated double love story in the grand tradition of the movie musical. And the scene with Jerry is one of the all-time classics.

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