And… Traditional Italian Goodness

Meat with a side of purple

I reached a milestone in my life today -I ate my first Saltimbocca, and my goodness it was delicious. Bit of background, for the story-inclined, I’m currently trying to sort out a house in Reading, which is where both my sister and I did our degrees. Today I went with my parents to meet the landlords of the house I’m moving in to, mostly because I trust their judgement more than anything, but also so they could enjoy a day in Reading again. I’ve been visiting regularly (beer festival etc.), but my parents haven’t had a chance to see the place since my graduation last year. ANYWAY, back in the old days there was one particular restaurant we always used to go to called Nino’s. It’s a proper old school Italian, run by Nino himself (now very frail, but still more than capable of decorking a bottle of red), and the place feels like it should be in Italy. The menu reflects the provenance of the place too. Above is the saltimbocca, which is very thin veal topped with Palma ham and mushrooms, covered in a white wine sauce. Absolutely superb, and definitely something I’ll be trying again. Below are the meals my Mum, sister and Dad had (Mum and sister had the same thing): a giant calzone and a steaming hot lasagne. Just goes to show – the independent Italian restaurants are still the best!


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