So… Blue Cheese Steak and Red Wine Mushrooms?

Delicious meal


Ah, the steak. The ultimate source of enjoyment.Pair it up with blue cheese and red wine mushrooms and you are on to a WINNER my friends. One day, many years ago, my Mum made steak with blue cheese for the first time. She just cooked the steaks in red wine, melted lots of cheese on top and put a bit more into the pan to make a rich sauce, and we’ve never gone back. I don’t think we’ve had a plain steak in our house since. My Dad cooked the meal above, using a Saint Agur cheese, and a gorgeous French red wine called Rougepere, which we get in the L’Eclerc hypermarket in Boulogne (actually, we bought them out of it. Don’t go there expecting to find it, we bought it all. It’s THAT good). He fried the mushrooms with an onion in red wine, caramelising them beautifully. I think I might start adding red wine to everything now. I won’t be able to drive after a meal as much, but damnit the food will taste amazing!


One thought on “So… Blue Cheese Steak and Red Wine Mushrooms?

  1. I’ve always loved steak. And blue cheese. And wine. What a great combination! I used to cook with wine a lot before I had kids, but not so much anymore. Although, it cooks out enough, they wouldn’t appreciate the flavor quite as much as I would!

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