And… Inflatable Purple Cow news, now!


A quick post today about one of the funniest things I have ever seen! No, not a cat dressed as a bee falling off a chair – rather, a group of incredibly talented improv comedians and musicians who form Showstopper! The Improv Musical!
The show tours all over the UK, though I saw it at the E4 Udderbelly on the South Bank with my friend Lois (the udderbelly is the giant inflatable upturned purple cow you can see above).

The talented Improv folk create a whole new musicals very night, with minimal props and a three piece band, based wholly on suggestions from the audience. When I saw the show we were treated to an Imperial epic called the Marahaj Express (title chosen by someone unfamiliar with the word Maharajah), with songs in styles as diverse as Wicked, Wagner and Avenue Q. There’s a ringmaster who delights in making things as awkward for the performers as possible, and I have never experienced quite so much continuous hilarity and mirth, not since I last went to an Andy Zaltzman gig, anyway. Check out their website where there’s a video, but most importantly a gig list. If you see them, you’ll never regret it!



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