Arghhhhh… And words to that effect

I missed Musical Monday again. This is annoying because I had a real doozy coming up… Oh well, the laws of Alliterative Blog Titling means that I can’t show it to you for another few days. This has been a super busy week anyway. In addition to my usual charity work I have some more temping at the solicitors on Thursday to Monday (though they’ve just asked if I can start tomorrow), and last night I drove to Reading and back to look at house that was too small (its a 180 mile round trip from my home. I eat lots of mint imperials to make the journey fly by). Add that to a rehearsal for Maidstone Wind Symphony tonight, and a trip to London on Thursday after work, and then a further trip to Reading and back on Saturday… It’s a busy week, s’all. Now, as it’s a busy week I won’t be cooking anywhere near as often, and when I do I’ll be making something I’ve made before (the Toulouse sausage Cassoulet, recipe here). In order to sate your desires, I hope you enjoy this gorgeous coffee cupcake that I did not make, but certainly enjoyed.


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