And… Veggie Frittata time

The Traffic Light Frittata

Hello again! So, on Sunday we had one of my sister’s vegetarian friends over, and I made a veggie version, replacing the lardons with the red and yellow peppers, which when added to the peas turned into a red, yellow and green delight. If you’re easily distracted by bright colours… which I am.

So, my frittata recipe is basically the same as the one from before, just with the substitution named above, so I’ll just post the link and the photos, I hope you enjoy!

We also had salad, with a very nice tarragon dressing. There was mint in the salad, and we added tomatoes and cucumber. Went very well with the frittata. Also as a condiment my Dad and I used Helmann’s Garlic Mayo, which is the only kind of garlic mayo we can find in our shops locally. It’s not as strong as the one my Gran bought us in a farm shop, but it’s certainly preferable to regular mayonnaise, which I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat again without a strong yearning for roasted garlic… Oh well, the burden we garlic lovers must bear.


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