And… Double Pizza. Again. But Different.

This pizza is mine – all mine! Mwah ha ha ha!!!

Double Pizza update now! Today I visited my Gran again to retune her TV (for you non-UK folk we’re currently undergoing a digital switchover) and we went for lunch again at Zizzi’s. I like the food, so I’m not complaining! Not too long ago they started doing a new style of pizza – the Rustica – which is thinner, crispier, and much bigger. I went for the most interesting looking one on the menu, the Mezzo e Mezzo, which you may not be surprised to learn from the name and the picture is a half and half of potato, rosemary and red onion on a mascarpone base, and roasted peppers, chilli, mushroom and rocket on a spicy tomato base.

I guess the reason they have chosen two completely different toppings is so that you can cool your mouth down with the cream after the chilli. Both were delicious, but the tomato base just had more flavour… I guess the white pizza base was more subtle. I ate the tomato base first for precisely the reason I just stated – I assumed that as I could see chilli seeds that my mouth might be on fire after eating it. In truth they were not hot chillis. There was a bit of heat, certainly, but this thankfully wasn’t a full blown heat-a-thon.

The pizza was huge. This is a good thing. I like pizza. I washed it down with a Luscombe (that’s the brand) Elderflower cordial, which was subtly brilliant. One day we’ll go somewhere that isn’t Zizzi’s, though considering it’s convenience and the quality of the food, I don’t think that day will be any time soon.


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