And… French market, English Jubilee. Vive la France!

There’s never been so much cheese in my village. Not since my last cheese evening, anyway.

The jubilations continued! Officially it was a four-day weekend to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and, having already enjoyed the concert on The Mall, I went with my family to see what was going on in my own village – a French market and a carnival. Hopefully, you all know about my love of cheese, goodness knows I’ve blupdated about it often enough. When I saw the above spread… Phew. Needed a sit down.

They also had these incredible tomatoes. Honestly, never seen anything like these before! The French market was quite large, and it’s the second time we’ve had one in the village. Everyone likes a market with proper food, and it doesn’t get much better than this. We also bought some proper saucisson sec, one made with mushroom and one with blue cheese (in a sausage!). Add a fougasse (French bread in a leaf shape, with cheese and lardons inside), some pate and some garlic and we had ourselves a lunch!

It looked so good, I took another pic from different angle.

As for the rest of the carnival, well, we didn’t stay for long. Everyone in the village was out, and that was great, but there was a dreadful covers band playing who seemed to think it an appropriate occasion to play “Killing In The Name Of”. That’s what all family events need. Oh well, it was nice being out and seeing everyone enjoy the food. My parents are currently in France (we’re quite close, so a day or overnight trip is easily doable) and will be bringing back plenty of cheese, wine, ham and saucisson, so I’ll have plenty to write about soon!

Long Live The Queen!


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