Well… It’s sort of a pizza, sort of a calzone


Bienvenuto! It’s a wonderful weekend to be British. Later this week I’ll be updating you on all the fantastic jubilee things I’ve been getting up to, the food, the drink and the music… It’s quite the party despite the weather! At the moment I’m sitting in the train station waiting for a much-delayed train to take me up to London, where I’ll be meeting my friend Lois (of spotted dick fame), and we’ll be drinking to Her Majesty before heading to Showstoppers! The Improv Musical. Should be fantastic!

As for the food on display in this post, I went to Zizzi’s in Haywards Heath again with my Gran and Mum yesterday, and they have this bizarre creation – the calzon’pizza. As you can tell, it’s a regular pizza with a pocket of calzone built in. This allows you to have two different toppings in one, although at the moment you can’t choose your own. The topping was “salsiccia”, which was spicy n’duja sausage with chilli and rocket on the outside, and in the calzone pocket it was ham, cheese, mushrooms and pesto. It’s a fantastic concoction – the ham really cools your mouth down after the heat on the pizza. It’s the Italian equivalent of celery after buffalo chicken wings. Superb.

When in an Italian restaurant, drink as the waiter suggests you do. Zizzi’s has a range of regional Italian beers, so I asked the waiter what he recommended, and he said nothing was better than the Peroni. All those local beers and he suggested a popular lager was better than all of them. I like Peroni, I do, but what’s the point in sourcing all those beers when none of them are better than a lager you can get in a corner shop?

Overall, loved the food and the beer. It was a lovely meal. Can’t wait to update you on all the jubilee antics, there should be plenty of Pimms! With any luck I’ll avoid drunk-posting. It’s the blogging version of drunk texting, but the potential fall out is worse. Far worse!


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