And… Freakin’ Funny Friday

Hello there friends! For this, the third Funny Friday, we move to a sadly short-lived sketch show that proved to be the launching pad for some of Britain’s greatest comedians – The Sketch Show. (The format was repeated by Kelsey Grammer in the US, but we’re sticking to the original here). The five comedians are (in order of the pic above) Lee Mack, Karen Taylor, Jim Tavare, Ronni Ancona and Tim Vine.

The show, from the early 2000s featured, well, sketches. All five members of the cast had their own distinctive styles, but it was certainly Lee Mack and Tim Vine’s love of puns, both verbal and visual, that shone. Mack & Vine now star in the successful sitcom Not Going Out, as well as selling out theatres nationwide on their individual comedy tours, Ronni Ancona is a successful impressionist and comedian popping up on QI among other things, Jim Tavare has appeared in Harry Potter and Californication (are there two more disparate franchises?), and Karen Taylor had her own sketch show, as well as appearing in Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. In the second series Ronni Ancona was replaced by Kitty Flanagan when Ancona decided to concentrate on her work with Alistair Macgowan.

So, on to the sketches!


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