And… it’s almost time to Think Bigger

So, Cosmo Jarvis’ new album is almost upon us, it comes out on the 9th July, and the new single ‘Love This’ has just been released, with a suitably fantastic video to match. So, the song…

Catchy, like all Cosmo Jarvis songs, and sufficiently different from Gay Pirates that the NME shouldn’t just give it a 1* rating based on the title. They will, of course, because they don’t like anything that smacks of originality or “different”. I mean, these are the people who said that Dark Side of the Moon was overrated. Pillocks.

Anyway, the song is quite understated in its presentation, there isn’t too much going on in the background, and there isn’t a mandolin or any rapping, which may well show that Cosmo is trying to signify a break with previous styles. On the other hand, this is Cosmo Jarvis, the one man who can cover half a dozen different genres in a single album and get away with it. Does this song give us an indication of what we can expect on the rest of the album? No, of course we can’t, just like “Gay Pirates” didn’t give any clue that “Dave’s House” or “She Doesn’t Mind” was coming up on “Is The World Strange Or Am I Strange”. I’m really looking forward to the album based on the song, though. It’s a good sign.

The video? Well – I’ll leave you to decide!


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