And… Whither Wetherspoons?


Shoddy camerawork, but it’s the best I could do with the tools at my disposal! On Sunday I performed in a concert with Maidstone Wind Symphony, a big joint concert with Eynsford Band in Pamoja Hall, Sevenoaks. As is customary on these occasions there was a long break between the end of the rehearsal and the start of the concert when the band members descend on the pub! About 10 of us ended up in the Wetherspoons in town, The Sennockian. If you haven’t heard of Wetherspoons, it’s a giant pub chain that sells good ale at cheap prices, and classic pub food on a budget. Or, at least, it used to. The prices are still very good, but in recent months Wetherspoons has started to go a bit gastro, to set it apart from other pubcos like Brewers Fayre and Yates.

The pic above is the chargrilled chicken burger, and below you can see the BBQ sauce and chunky chips that it came with (there were more initially, but I’d already been picking at them before this was taken. Imagine it overflowing). The chicken was tender and juicy, the bun well toasted, and it was all served with plenty of salad, a bit of salsa, and in a thick wooden chopping board. How delish! My dad had the Brunch Burger, which included plenty of bacon, eggs and mushrooms (picture sadly missing). Definitely worth a try, and the Wetherspoons in Sevenoaks is small enough to still feel like a proper pub!



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