And… it’s a capella madness!

This probably won’t surprise you, but I love close harmony a capella singing, particularly when it’s done really well. One of my favourite groups is the UC Berkeley Men’s Octet, particularly the group from Spring 2003. There’s just something about this lot, the fun and joy they put into their singing, the strength of the arrangements, the fact that there are only 7 of them… They also chose some fantastic songs to sing too, a mixture of the funny and tender, rock and classic, covers and hand-penned. Here is a selection of my favourites, I really hope you enjoy these guys. All the videos from the Spring Show 2003 can be viewed on Kenny Kamrin’s Youtube channel.

The group members are: Jason Mabie, Jordan Meyer, Parker Sims, Kenny Kamrin, Ben Sae-Tang, Rick Wood and Jerome Mayer-Cantu. Brandon Swansfegger pulled out before the show, hence there only being 7.

And, to finish off, the song to end all songs


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