And… it’s really not the 9 o’clock news, it’s funny friday

In the 80s it was common for women to wear a Lion’s mane in photoshoots

Phew, I almost missed it today. Apologies to the Australian readers, but I really don’t think it’ll affect your day! Funny Friday is here again, jumping forwards a few decades to Not The Nine O’Clock News. I can’t elaborate much on the background, it’s not one of my specialist subjects like Peter Cook & Dudley Moore or The Goons, but this sketch show, starring Rowan Atkinson, Pamela Stevenson, Mel Smith & Griff Rhys Jones, was groundbreaking in the 1980s. It was grown-up and didn’t treat matters with double entendres like the pre-eminent sketch show at the time, The Two Ronnies (still funny, but very much 70s humour). Here are some of the finest moments the show has to offer. It’s interesting to note that all 4 went on to big things: Rowan Atkinson became known all over the world for Mr Bean and Blackadder, Smith & Jones went on to star in Smith & Jones, and Stevenson became a celebrity psychologist before wowing the nation in Strictly Come Dancing. Very funny comedy, very talented people, a very nice way to end a Friday!


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