And… Sausage sandwich heaven


I recently started some temp work at a solicitors in Maidstone, my nearest town, and as I haven’t been waking up early enough to make a packed lunch my lunchtimes have involved scouting around for some nice, cheap food. On the first day I went to a place I had been twice before with a friend – Eden Sandwich Bistro.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “how can you have a sandwich bistro? What’s so bistro about sandwiches?”. Well, it’s the quality, trust me. On this occasion I went for a panini for the first time, a sausage and onion marmalade panini (grammar nerds, don’t be hating on the lack of panino – this just reads better!). For the price, not much more than a Cafe Nero panini, you got a FRESH sandwich with just-cooked sausages, and what certainly tasted like either homemade or artisan onion marmalade. It was full, too. Coffee is a reasonable price and very fresh, and the place feels like a European deli. Next time you’re in Maidstone and feeling peckish, wander down Bank Street, past the ridiculous roadworks, and it’s in one of the 17th century half timbered houses. Highly recommended!


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