And… carrying on the great tradition of brilliant satire

World’s worst finger puppet confuses comedian

BBC Radio 4 has a brilliant track record at satirical comedy – just look at The Now Show and The News Quiz. With this in mind, Tonight, the series just starting it’s second run on R4, is an unnecessary but highly welcome addition to the stable. Tonight is hosted/fronted by Rory Bremner, brilliant impressionist and arch-satirist, and ably supported by veteran satirists Andy Zaltzman (of Bugle fame), Nick Doody, and impressionist Kate O’Sullivan. This show is hilarious. Bremner almost works better on the radio than he did on TV back in the days of Bremner, Bird and Fortune, and the combination of Bremner and Zaltzman provides some fantastic moments. UK listeners can hear the latest episode here, and everyone else can gaze longingly at the page here.

If you enjoyed the Bugle, or just fancy a laugh in the background to your day, put this on and giggle. Guarenteed.


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