And… I’m in the club!

Even the inside of the lid was awesome

My love of Detroit has been well documented in this august organ (blupdates passim ad nauseum), perhaps slightly less so my love of baseball. I truly adore that most American of sports. Most British people pass it off as merely rounders with statistics and advertising, but it’s so much more than that! Well, it isn’t, really, but I love it anyway. When I was first in Detroit (2006), the Tigers were in their first World Series for years, hoping for their first title since the 80s after years of failure and under-performance. There was a palpable sense of hope in the air, I got hooked on the excitement and baseball itself. The Tigers ended up losing abysmally to the St Louis Cardinals 4-1, but that didn’t damage my new-found love. Ever since I have followed the Tigers through several years as also-rans, a Division title, and last year topping the AL Central. And then…

I signed up to the inaugural Official Detroit Tigers Fan Club. I can’t believe there hasn’t been an official club before. It was cheap, and I reckon the fee it cost them to send me my welcome pack cost more than my membership and the welcome pack itself put together! Still, I now have a baseball cap and a car decal, and I shall display them both with pride. Probably. Baseball caps aren’t really the done thing in the UK. Ever.

I guess I’m really sharing this because I love baseball, and I don’t think I’ve documented that enough publicly. Did you know I love baseball? I love baseball. Go Tigers!


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