And… start Avenging

Alternate poster courtesy of Terry Clarke

On Wednesday I went to see Avengers Assemble (or The Avengers, outside of the UK and Ireland). I can’t believe it’s been out since the 27th and it took me this long to see it! I loved all the Avengers films leading up to this, although I must admit I haven’t seen any of the Hulk films (something tells me I’m not missing much). The Iron Man films managed to couple big action with big laughs, Captain America was gripping, and I even enjoyed Thor! I know it’s nobodies favourite film, but I still thought it was a romp on a grand scale. Also it was absolutely necessary to the story of Avengers Assemble (I might just call it the Avengers from now on).

Many people far more intelligent than I will be better suited to writing reviews about The Avengers, and many have. My friend Rosemin over at filmfriki has reviewed the film, and as always has written with astute care and love. I suggest you check out her blog. As for me, well, I’m not a big enough comic book geek to gush over the details and hidden treats, I can’t hypothesise over the direction of the four sequels, but I can say that the film had me enthralled from start to finish, and I’m just a proud Joss Whedon fan! Honestly, if this film doesn’t give Whedon carte blanche to do whatever he like in Hollywood for the next 10 years, there is something seriously broken with the system. His trademark wit is spread throughout the film, and every character gets their moment of levity. He ties together four of five different films and storylines into a single comprehensive movie, and there are very few writers who would be able to pull it off. Russell T. Davies maybe?

I’ve been a fan of Whedon for years, I love Buffy, Angel, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along blog and, recently, Firefly, and I feel sort of vindicated. It’s weird. I’ve always loved him, and now everyone else loves him, and I don’t mind… Oh well. My point is… Well, I don’t really have a point. Kudos to Joss Whedon, Kudos to Marvel and Disney, and Kudos most of all to Stan Lee, without whom none of these cinematic records could ever have been broken.


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