And… Cheese is the great unifier

Cheese trolley from La Cave. Otherwise known as Heaven on Wheels

It’s struck me recently that cheese really is the universal unifying force (apart from for lactose intolerants – sorry guys). I was talking on twitter to Imelda Evans (who has a fantastic blog here) when she came up with the term cheese-mates, like soulmates but it means more. It’s the perfect term. When I was at the University of Reading the most overblown, macho game of Call of Duty could be halted by the introduction of a cheese board. The smell of a melting camembert could rouse housemates from their studying , allowing them a much needed break from work. Cheese was as perfect a compliment to an evening in watching musicals as it was to a late-night drunken snack. Cheese on toast for lunch, cheese and grapes as a starter, cheese and biscuits for dessert…

My point (and there is a point) is, I think cheese is vitally important. My very first review was about a cheese shop, and some of my greatest friendships have been forged over a shared love of cheese. In the coming months (i.e. when I have finally earned some money) I’ll be writing a lot more about cheese, as soon I’ll be living with some friends who adore it as much as I do. Cheese-mates. It’s a great term. If everyone in the world had a cheese-mate, or just took the time to sit down and have a bit of a Port Salut, or savour a spoonful of Stilton, then the Earth would be a much better place to live. I’m always more relaxed when eating cheese, so this will be my Mid Year’s Resolution: take the time to eat cheese. With a potentially manic and stressful job coming up, this may well be the key to my staying sane.


5 thoughts on “And… Cheese is the great unifier

      • I was travelling in France (as you do…) and did a guided walking tour of Bordeaux. There are all these lovely houses that used to be wine bottling businesses, which had dirt floor basements where they stored the wine barrels. We went to one that had been converted into a restaurant and in the ‘cave’ (the basement), they had closed off one end with a glass wall and made it into a climate-controlled cheese room. There must have been 150+ cheeses in there. There were five different blue cheeses, including one in the back corner that I swear was sentient.

        Anyway, after lunch, they took us down there to get some cheese for the cheese course. AND THEY LET US LOOSE WITH A PLATE AND A KNIFE. They. Let. Us. Loose. And left us alone.

        All the polite types took some cheese and went back upstairs. The man and I and one other man (who also turned out to be an Australian) stayed down there, trying this and that, until they came and chased us out. It was like a dream and I still remember it to keep me warm in the long winter evenings…

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