And… the summer of Cosmo

No, not the magazine. I’m talking about Cosmo Jarvis, highly underrated and undefinable enfant terrible of rock. Cosmo is a highly talented man. He’s barely into his twenties and has written over 300 songs, released two albums and has a feature film on the way. His third album, Think Bigger, is coming out this July, barely 10 months after his last album, Is The World Strange Or Am I Strange, finally got him some press attention. Obviously as the album isn’t out yet I can’t review it; this is a “so-can’t-wait-for-this-immaboutoexplode” post.

More information and bits and pieces can be found on his website,, and he also has a soundcloud where he releases new songs regularly. This guy defies genres – listen to either of his albums on Spotify and you’ll understand. He easily switches from indie rock to pirate shanty to fastcore metal to softcore jazz. It’s ridiculous.

He recently released a trailer for his feature film, The Naughty Room, which you can see here:

Enjoy Cosmo!


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