And… The Living Bluesman

Photo courtesy of Will Gillham

One of the big highlights of our trip to the Reading Beer Festival on Friday was the discovery of the Living Bluesman – Tom Attah. We were just wandering around the main tent, beer in hand, when we heard this amazing blues music – like Muddy Waters meets Howlin’ Wolf, so we went to investigate. There was Tom, roaring and bluesing his way through classics like Catfish Blues and his own material too. He was the first person performing that day to really get a crowd around him, and dancing too!

His set was so popular he went on longer than he was scheduled (he was last on for that session, so it was cool), and then came back on due to popular demand! I could make lots of comparisons to great Blues musicians, but I might as well just show you him performing. This is a music video he made for The Blind Club back in 2010:

Listening to this music took me right back to when I was in Chicago. Real soul to his voice and his playing. Check out more of his music, with links to his facebook and myspace at


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