And… a snack fit for a festival

Teeth-shattering, tongue-blistering meaty goodness

Ah, pork scratchings… Has any pint ever not been improved by the addition of the dangerously salty snack? Probably not. Which makes them the perfect accompaniment to a beer festival. At the 18th Annual Reading Beer & Cider Festival (blupdates passim ad nauseum) one of the big food attractions was The Crusty Pie Company, who had travelled down all the way from Halifax, W. Yorks, for the occasion. I didn’t try one of their actual pies, but my friend Kevin bought two to take home, and he’ll let us know how they were later. These pork scratchings, thankfully, were not quite the “break-your-jaw” type of old, but they were still plenty crunchy. They are accompanied above by the Captain Pugwash beer, a product of two breweries, as I’ll elaborate after a picture of the beer in all it’s glory.

Captain Pugwash, named after the old kids TV show of the same name, probably, was brewed with the malt from Muirhouse Brewery, in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, but hopped by Raw Brewery, from Staveley, also in Derbyshire. I’ve never come across a collaborative beer before, but there is a distinct possibility I wasn’t looking very hard. What was billed as a Dark Red Beer was certainly malty. I am not a fan of stouts, and I think that beers like Guinness are highly overrated (shock! horror!), so a dark red is usually as dark as I go. This one was deliciously fruity, and had you could definitely pick out some of the roasted malts at the end. Very nice indeed.

Just to prove that this was the beer I said it was, here’s a pic of the barrel. Just for funsies.

Plenty more beer on the way, as well as burgers, pies, blues music and cider. It really was a great day!


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