And… The night before the beer began


Don’t worry, the mash is green for a reason

I’ve just come back from Reading, my old university town, where I’ve spent a marvellous couple of days with old friends, first partying hard, then at the beer festival, then today watching the new American Pie film (it’s awesome, go watch it). Over the next few days I’ll be going over the food and beer that we tried on Friday, with a little help from my friends, but first I’d like to take you back to Thursday night, where I ate at the Abbot Cook in Reading.

The Abbot Cook started life last year with a slightly tarnished rep. Y’see, it used to be the Upin Arms, the best and best loved student pub in town, where the food was piled high and the beer was cheap. Then it got turned into a gastropub, and the food got better, but the beer became way more expensive. This stopped it from being a proper student hangout, as the cheapest pint was £3.50, and that was for Becks! Over time though, it’s found it’s niche, turning into a slightly hipster beer-lovers foodie joint, and the picture above is of the Gloucester Spotted Pig sausages with squashed pea mash, and red onion gravy. Simply delicious. You can’t make bangers and mash much posher than this, while still staying true to pub food. Very nice indeed.

My friend Sam had the fish and chips, and it was a huge piece of cod. Mahusive, some might say. Don’t have a picture, but I am assured it was very good indeed. I’m going to round off this little post with a pic of my friend Will, looking rather anxiously at his pint of Blue Moon from the Brooklyn Brewery, with an unusual addition to the pint glass. TTFN



2 thoughts on “And… The night before the beer began

  1. Funny you did this one just now…..I am doing a bit on bangers and mash next week…well, sort of. I am doing a whole comparison on Bristish versus American food names (chips v crisps, biscuits v cookies, etc…). Bubble and Squeak versus Hash–you get the point.

    English dishes certainly have some more flair in their names, for sure. Spotted Dick…Cock A Leekie……sounds like someone needs to get to the doctor, post haste!

    • Sounds like a great idea! There’s also the Bedfordshire Clanger, which sounds painful. It’s actually a whole meal in one pastie, with sweet and savoury at different ends separated by pastry.
      I also never knew what scallions were until I saw the Barefoot Contessa cook with them, and now I know they’re spring onions! And eggplant? Turns out it’s just an aubergine!

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