And… Just one last slice of pie…

Just… One… More…

This is my first film review since I saw Moneyball in March, way back when I started this blog, so forgive me if it’s a bit rusty, or if it’s not quite what you’ve come to expect of me. Despite my love of “grown-up” things like real ale, good cheese and cookery programmes, I’m still very much a 14-year-old at heart. When I was about 12 and at a sleepover I got shown my first American Pie film, I think it was number 2, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I watched the original trilogy over and over again with my friends, and then we eventually moved on to Band Camp (number 4). If anyone has seen Band Camp, you’d understand why we sort of stopped watching American Pie films after that. It was pisspoor, and that’s being polite.

So what happened then? Most people ignored what followed, thinking that the straight-to-DVD movies that came next would be just as bad, and I have to admit I knew nothing of numbers 5 and 6 until I actually went to Band Camp myself and… they were hilarious. They chucked out the cast of number 4, and kept the cast from 5 for 6, which is great because they worked well together. True, they didn’t have the same heart as the other films, and tended to make up for the lack of warmth with more boobies and crude language, but they were still funny. As the cast of number 6 were at college (in the “Pie” timeline), film number 7, “The Book of Love” (yes, there was a 7) took us back to High School, with three boys finding the book of the title, featured in the first American Pie film, and set about exploring it. It was quite funny, but really just another excuse for teenage boys to look at boobs and laugh at fart jokes.

Which brings us to the American Reunion. The original cast, all back together again. A lot has been made in the press about how very few of the actors have a career (probably just Alyson Hannigan, if truth be told), so of course, why wouldn’t they come back? But I’m glad they did. I must admit that I was surprised that Tara Reid was able to stand up long enough for her scenes to be filmed, but overall there’s still that friendship there, and minus Kevin’s beard they all look exactly the same! I won’t provide (m)any spoilers, but they made fantastic use of Eugene Levy, the only man to have been in all 8 American Pie films, kept the boobs to a minimum (just like the original trilogy), and even got back the fringe characters that made the first three films so worth watching. John Cho in particular revels in his role as MILF Guy #2.

In conclusion then, as an actual film I cannot in good conscience give this film more than a 6 out of 10, but as a fan of the series, as someone who should probably grow up now and live in the adult world, this was the perfect ending to the series. 10 out of 10.

P.S. I’ve invited some of my friends to write for this blog in the future. Kevin and Will were with me at the Beer festival, and both love their food, drink and films, and I just know you’re gonna love them.


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