And… it’s almost my favourite time of year

A welcome sight

Ni jiao all, I am very sorry about not writing since before the weekend. Very busy, big concert, lots of family down… Still, nothing will get in the way of my writing in the near future. Or will it? This Thursday-Sunday is my favourite time of year, the Beer & Cider Festival in Reading, UK, home of my alma mater. I’ve been to a few beer festivals now, and this is still my favourite by a long shot. Not only are there hundreds of British beers and ciders, there are local wines, continental beers and incredible food. Last year there were Mexican stalls, exotic Australian meats (Kangaroo and crocs, mostly), 18-inch bratwurst and the classic British beef burger, and plenty more. This festival is the most fattening event of my year.

Plenty to get excited over then. I’m hoping to get photos of every beer, every bite, everything, really, and I’ll be inviting some of my friends to write up their thoughts on the beers they tasted and the food they ate. As you can imagine, there is so much choice it’s impossible for us all to drink the same thing, and we have such a multitude of tastes between us it wouldn’t really be fair, either. So there’s something to look forward to. In honour of the upcoming beer celebration I have included pics of 2 of my favourite beers. Above is the seasonal Early Bird from the oldest working brewery in Britain, Shepherd Neame. They also happen to be local to me, which is a boon. Below is Headland Red, from the Wold Top Brewery in Yorkshire, which I tried on my recent visit north (blupdates passim ad nauseum).

The posts about the actual festival will contain more detailed tasting notes, just let it be said that these two beers are refreshing and awesome. I’m also going to finish with a picture of my lunch – cheesey scrambled eggs on Marmite toast. Now, I’m not going to insult your intelligence by telling you how to scramble eggs, but I will suggest that making it cheesey and serving it on Marmite toast (other yeast extract products are available) makes it awesome. Hope you’ve had a good week, and I look forward to sharing many a beer and kangaroo burger with all of you.


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