And… good food and charity work. Not together.

All the sugar of the world in a single bite

Hello friends. This is a post of two parts. Firstly, this is a picture of doughnut sticks, currently on the dessert menu at Zizzi, a large chain of Italian restaurants in the UK. The doughnut sticks are covered in sugar and toasted nuts, drizzled in honey, and then you have a cup of hazelnut chocolate dipping sauce to drown them in. Unbelievably good. I will have to try and make these myself, so if anyone has a decent doughnut recipe, please let me know!

For main course I had a goats cheese ravioli, in a spicy tomato sauce drizzled with pesto. It was very tasty, though the ravioli were a lot thinner than I thought ravioli should be. When I think ravioli I think of well filled parcels. These were more like envelopes. Still, it tasted great, can’t fault the dish in that respect. My Gran had the¬†Gorgonzola gnocchi, which she said were an absolute delight. Here is a pic of the ravioli:

Another bonus of going to Zizzi’s was the discovery of Luscombe drinks. I’ve spoken before about my love of Fentiman’s fizzy drinks, and Luscombe are of a very similar design. I tried their hot ginger ale, and it was wonderful, really refreshing and full of ginger. There’s a pic below, after I make my little charity plea.

Part 2 – I currently volunteer at the Oxfam Bookshop in Maidstone, and we have thousands of books in store. Some books that are donated are extremely rare, and sometimes we get whole collections. One problem though is how do we get word out about the products we have, considering we are a charity? Well, following the lead of some other Oxfam shops we have started a twitter account, @OxfamBksMdstone, and I would be very grateful indeed if you would follow us. Who knows, you might see something that you like yourself, or one of your own followers might be interested, if you would be so kind as to retweet. There, that’s my begging done. If you are in the Maidstone area, all books are currently 3 for 2. And I mean ALL books, from the cheapest Mills and Boon to academic textbooks.

Much love, one and all.


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